Saturday, December 18, 2010

Name of Club Development

Financial reasons and the club folded in 1906, the players joined the X-Sports Club. Between 1906 and 1908, the club winning three times Campionat de Catalunya. Effective in 1909 and the club, Club Deportivo Español, 1910 was relaunched as they Llúria Admiral Roger de, a naval hero of the day honors the Italian colors were adopted.

Espanyol Spanish crown, is one of the many Spanish football clubs, and thus the name badges are protected by Crown Prince and real access to the right. Alfonso XIII of the Act and later the club Espanyol Deportivo 1912 Real Club Español been known as a given.

Second Spanish Republic in 1931, King Alfonso XIII and the release of the symbols, the Catalan club / republican friendly name Club Espanyol Esportiu accepted the prohibition in relation to the announcement. Spanish Civil War and after the Catalan language, called Real Club Deportivo Español returned to prohibit further.

In February 1995, the club named for the Catalan spelling. Deportiu Reial Club Espanyol de Barcelona is the right word Deportiu Esportiu Catalan words, although the original term Deportivo (Castilla) is a Catalanised. RCD letter from the club to keep the name of the election.

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